Mr. Boris Perlman represents debtors in need of protection due to collection proceedings against them, with an emphasis on the exercise of their rights and the preservation of their dignity.

At both ends of the Execution Law, there are those who need assistance. On the one hand the debtor, who has difficulty paying his debt, and on the other hand the winner, who must receive the money due to him lawfully. The law balances two values: on the one hand, a mechanism that enables the efficient collection of debts, while on the other hand, safeguarding the basic rights of the debtor and protecting his dignity and liberty.

A winner is the person holding a judgment, check, promissory note or written evidence such as: accounts or any other document requiring a person to pay him or to perform an act that he is obliged to do. Legal advice will assist the winner to apply to the Execution Office, file a request to open a file against the debtor and activate this efficient mechanism for returning his money. If the debtor does not meet the burden of payments, the winner may take several operational procedures, such as: attachment of assets order, delay in leaving the country, detention order, restriction from holding a license, and more. Professional management of debt collection procedures in due course improves the chances of the creditor recovering his money.

A debtor is a person against whom a judgment is issued requiring him to pay another, or to do something that he is obligated to perform under the law. When an execution file is opened against him and he is unable to pay the debt in full, he is entitled to report to the Registrar of Execution. Proper legal counsel may facilitate the process, minimize damage and prevent excessive harm to the family and his family. After the notice of opening the case is received, the debtor is entitled to file an objection motion within 21 days, if the case was opened unjustly, or if the debt is repaid and if opposition is accepted, it will be transferred to a court authorized to continue the proceedings.

If there are several different cases against the debtor and the debtor is having trouble complying with the payments made to him, a request can be made to consolidate all the execution files opened against him by the debtor and to determine a payment arrangement according to his abilities. The file consolidation order sometimes requires compliance with strict conditions, and therefore an experienced lawyer in the field will assist in legal advice and professional guidance throughout the process.

A lawyer specializing in the field of execution will be of great help to those on both sides of the barricade: debtors in the process of execution of a creditor –

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