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Company Ltd. is a legal entity that requires legal accompaniment both during the moments of joy at its inception and in the difficult moments when it breaks down Attorney Boris Perlman specializes in the opening, accompaniment and liquidation of companies

An ancient proverb says that “the end of an act of forethought” is very relevant when approaching a new business.

It is important to plan the steps forward, consult with the professionals and examine good good who our partners are for the business and under which hat we should manage it whether to be a licensed dealer or a partnership, whether to open a company or perhaps run a business under a limited company, – thus creating a complete separation between society and its owners.

If the company decides to open a company, then the bank accounts, contracts and various liabilities of the company will be managed separately, so that in the event of financial difficulties or claims, the company will face the plaintiffs and authorities and the owner of the company will not have to sacrifice his private assets Which he owns.

Ongoing legal counsel is required for the Company in many areas – editing and testing contracts and agreements, including labor agreements, agreements with suppliers or sub-suppliers, as well as preparing affidavits and signature signatures required for the proper management of the Company. In fact, from the earliest stages of a company’s birth, from registering with the Registrar of Companies through the drafting of incorporation documents and regulations, it is advisable and important to consult a close attorney.

Unfortunately, the existence of a company may also be terminated for various reasons: whether due to the end of the period prescribed for its existence, debts incurred, or for other reasons, for example, that the owners of the company no longer needed. In these cases, the process of liquidation of the company must be initiated, which can be carried out by the shareholders, by creditors or by the court. In each case, the process is conducted according to the stages prescribed by the law, which involve the preparation of affidavits, shareholders’ gatherings, and other actions as required by law.

The stages of dismantling the company are always less pleasant and painful than the construction phase. For example, in order to liquidate a voluntary company, a solvency affidavit must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies, to announce the appointment of a liquidator, to publish in Reshumot the decision of the Company to liquidate and appoint a liquidator and to hold a final general meeting of all interested parties. In order to get through all these stages and finish in good spirits and without deposits of debts and demands, the assistance of a lawyer specializing in this field is required.

Proper legal advice at the stage of construction will contribute to the proper management of the Company and will prevent unnecessary debts and claims upon liquidation

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