Labor and Employment Law

Mr. Boris Perlman specializes in representing employers and representing employees, including drafting labor agreements, managing cases in labor courts, including illegal dismissal files, cases for severance pay and / or withholding wages, exhausting social benefits of employees such as non-payment of vacation pay, recuperation days , Holiday pay pension and more.

Labor law is a complex legal field that constitutes a special branch of Israeli law. This is because labor laws deal with the system of workers ‘and employers’ obligations and rights, and the wide range of points between them. The dynamic reality of the work systems produces changes in case law and legislation and requires the lawyer to constantly update and monitor. Therefore, specialization in the area of labor law requires extensive and in-depth knowledge and a good knowledge of all the institutions and courts associated with them.

Employee rights in the State of Israel are anchored in binding and binding laws that can not be conditioned or waived. Basic rights such as minimum salary, vacation days and convalescence pay, pension deposits are the property of every person in any case where a relationship exists between an employee and an employer.

In the event of the unlawful dismissal of an employee, whether due to extraneous considerations or whether the dismissal procedure was not proper (for example, no hearing was held), the employee may petition the Labor Court to issue an injunction. Such a petition should be based and prove that there is a chance of success in the main lawsuit against layoffs.

The right of the dismissed employee to receive severance pay is fixed by law. An employee must work for at least one continuous year in order to be entitled to receive severance pay. In some cases, the law considers the resignation of an employee as if he were dismissed, and then he is entitled to payment of compensation (for example, resignation for the purpose of caring for the child). In recent years, the ruling expanded and interpreted the concept of the working year so that when a worker is fired even near the working year and it can be seen that his dismissal was to avoid payment of severance pay, the worker may receive severance pay as if he had completed a year’s work. There are many regulations and rulings on the matter in the rulings of the Labor Courts.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to employees in labor courts or before other courts in legal proceedings regarding labor relations and their termination. Drafting and submitting a statement of claim or defense, drafting work agreements and retirement agreements, and any other professional and comprehensive legal treatment in the field of labor law. The emphasis on the representation we give to employees is a promise of the employee’s rights to be exercised against his employer.

Since today each employer is obligated by law to inform the employee at the beginning of his employment, what are the conditions of his employment. At this stage, it is appropriate for the employer to receive advice in the preparation of suitable contracts and a clear definition of the material issues in advance, will prevent damages and litigation upon termination of the employment period. Advice to the employer is given in all questions related to dismissal of employees, changes in working conditions, promotion or worsening of conditions and more. In addition, our offices provide representation in legal cases, preparation of defense statements, and negotiations with an employee or group of employees with the aim of reaching compromise agreements.

Labor laws concern every person, whether he is an employee or an employer. Maintaining the rights of all parties is our specialty.

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